Interior Design Of A Tel Aviv Apartment

Dramatic interior design with Mediterranean character

The modern architecture, much more, it’s to capture the beautiful surroundings, than to the interior design. But this Tel Aviv Apratment is situated in the city and on the Mediterranean coast. It brings together the best of both worlds. This residence, much more, it’s the connection with the outside environment than on the Interior design . Designer of apartment is Daniel Hasson. The House includes large glass Windows, which provide unbeatable views of the Middle more. Viewing the images below!

One has the feeling, to swim in the sea

Because of the focus on the exterior is, has been regarded as neutral interior design. So the great panoramic view can be even more accentuated. It has very successfully combines the urban luxury with the ambiance of a retreat in this case. Here, small equipment and technical accessories have become an integral part of the living room and the kitchen. Below is the first of these spaces. It was stylishly equipped with plush seats in white and multi media wall in black. This elegant style was recorded in the kitchen and the dining area.

Large glass Windows

Tel Aviv apartment interior design

You can enjoy beautiful views

A stylish kitchen

Tel Aviv apartment kitchen black white

Simple dining room

Bright cozy bedroom

Very striking is the contrast between the living room and the bedroom. You have much more privacy and framed outdoor views. Lush, spa like bath completes the look of this over 250-square-metre residence with a free-standing bath. Who do not completely covered by this Mediterranean charm?

The privacy of the bedroom is visible

Tel Aviv apartment hell Frisch furnished bedroom

You can relax here quietly

Tel Aviv apartment beautiful interior design ideas bedroom

Framed outdoor views

Great bathroom with great views

Tel Aviv apartment interior design bathroom

It feels like an oasis

Tel Aviv apartment bathroom stylish bathtub

Do you recognize the simplicity of Interior design?