Japan residence – the shell

The conch shell residence is one of the latest buildings, which have been published in the Japanese province of Nagano.

There she provides a strong contrast to the environment through their white architecture

The village in which the residence is located, is called Kariuzawa. This is a very popular holiday resort, which is located only 10 minutes away from Shinkhausen.

It was built around a tree.

As the material used to be maintained concrete long sustainable, easy

It was decided for this, to protect the modern architecture from the damp and cold weather

You can say that this architecture in many ways is very brave.

Among other things may be said therefore that because one far away so completely by the traditional Japanese architecture in all aspects

It’s a bold, eye-catching retreat. If you would even argue that the architecture is an alien, you would be very close.

It created the terrace from sustainably produced timber in the region. In the Interior is airy, bright and windy modern architecture of the residence.

The furniture are made to measure and adapted to the twisty architecture

The establishment has been worked out hard, sustainable oak

Modern and beautiful furnishings

The floors are made from cherry.

You have been executed in red and this forms a wonderful contrast to the ground cherry wood

The https://www.chaturbaterooms.com layout inside is very minimalist and consists of two different levels

It has accommodated a public space on the lower floor. The private rooms are located on the first floor.

Can you imagine actually such modern architecture without a start system? We do not! Apparently it went as the architects. The humidity, heating and ventilation are controlled by.

So it has managed to optimize the use of energy. Because of course sustainability is simply to modern architecture! Do you also agree?

Modern Dream Homes Can Also Splendid Residences

Modern dream homes take on the role of residences

The Lion sands game reserve is under the other game reserves in South Africa. Its history goes back to the year 1948, when the landowners to do so decided to form the nature reserve there. However the actual founder of the reserve were the inhabitants of the area until the end of the 20s, early 30s. 6 by the founder families are now third or fourth generation owner of the land. And it’s quite logical that they should continue the fact of their predecessors were respecting the flora and fauna of this jasmine live area.

The Lion sands game reserve, you can enjoy the rich diversity of plant and animal life, representing the African landscape. The Kingston residence can be counted quiet modern dream homes on the subject. It is built of wood and offers you all the comforts you would expect from a luxurious cabin.

And when the day turns to evening, then you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the sunset and spend a beautiful night under the fascinating stars of Africa

The House consists entirely of wood and glass. It is modern and decorated in gray, white, purple and black. Regardless of the weather outside, this House offers a safe and pleasant environment. You have the great possibility, through a large window outside to look at the prospects of ever-changing.

Here you are surrounded by the African Bush and the uninhibited wildlife, the prospects is worthwhile in any case!

Everything here is made of wood

In addition, you can enjoy a soothing massage before the dinner, which gives you new strength.

Then can spend the evening in peaceful nature and spend hours look at the stars in the sky

The Lion sands Kruger National Park is an area with remarkable wildlife. There are Buffalo and white rhino in the densely forested southern areas of the Park. You can take a Safari – trip and enjoy the view of the Olifants rivers coming crocodiles, which want to quench their thirst under the African sun. Both wildebeest, giraffes, zebras and black heel antelopes live in there. The Lions are also well known in these regions because of the ample supply of hunting games. After a few days at Lion sands Wilreservat you can see for yourself – this is the place where everyone should go once!

A dream cottage in South Africa!

Enjoy a great dinner in the open air!

The magnificent prospects in South Africa prepare visitors have fun

You can spend the afternoon on the sun lounger

A fairytale atmosphere

Attractive living room design

Beauty and convenience

Stylish and luxurious living room

Great Bdewanne for quality jasminlive recreation

Such an atmosphere is loaded you with positive mood

While you take a bath, you can enjoy quiet great prospects

This living room radiates elegance

Comfortable furniture and wooden ceiling

This bedroom has a special freshness

Luxury and comfort in South Africa

The stylish equipment of the living room makes a special impression

Beautiful bed in the bedroom with white transparent canopy

Cosy living room with a beautiful chandelier

Large modern dining room

Living room with interesting Austrahlt

30 Ideas For Integrating The Wine Shelves At Home!

Great and inspiring ideas for wine racks

If you are a true wine connoisseur and have some bottles of wine from a good vintage at home, they will charm the following ideas for wine racks . This drink lovers know it exactly: the good wine should have pride of place in the dining room or in the kitchen.

The places where bottles of wine to “rest”, can transform into a unique decoration. To complete the picture, it is desirable to combine this offer with the remaining furniture. If you have a larger space, you can set up a special corner for “a drink” in the vicinity of wine racks . You will feel this as a real wine author and connoisseur, you are indeed!

Using wine bottles as wall decoration

In our article, most of the examples for wine racks for the wall are intended. Because the wall is the perfect place to present the wine bottles in a boisterous manner. You can store the bottles such as wines or vintage and dedicate a special place the special wines.

It is recommended to place a shelf with wine glasses in their immediate vicinity, because they go “Hand in Hand” with the drink. Quite apart, your wine collection is located in which space should be separate them well. Exploit your presence and turn them into an eye-catcher of the room.

Present your wine collection

We give you some examples of wine racks, through which your favorite drink becomes an integral part of your interior. The upper image shows exactly that the wine wall is a great eye-catcher in every room.

China Cabinet for wine

If you want to show your wines slightly more discreet, we advise you to place them in a China Cabinet. The glass doors to provide a good view.

An idea for the home bar

A perfect solution is to combine the hotel bar with the wine collection. This allows you convenient and full of enjoyment out of the wine glass to SIP and in the company of your family and friends.

Set up a separate wine room

This idea will impress every wine lover

The wine wall is a great eye-catcher in every room

Feel like a true wine taster and connoisseurs

The wall is the perfect place to present the wine bottles

The places where bottles of wine to “rest”, can transform itself into a unique decoration

The small wooden counter is quite handy for a wine tasting

A great and space-saving idea for proud wine collector

A hand close Wall shelf, which also has a space separating function

A great idea to turn wine bottles into a Catcher

A view of attracting designer piece for wine storage

You can store the bottles after wines or vintage

One of the most common wine racks for the kitchen

Choose original wine holder wall

The right lighting can come even more your wine collection

A bottle order like in the wine shop

It is recommended to have wine glasses in the immediate vicinity

Interior Design Ideas By The State Residence Of Marcelo Sodré

State residence Marcelo Sodre offers interesting interior design ideas

Who did have not the dream to be a home owner already? Have an own home does not mean by far, that man has a great real estate. Other factors are important: location, security, privacy, and interior design, which makes for pleasant and great atmosphere. Many nowadays draw inspiration to own ideas from other contemporary buildings. You try to be innovative and to see many years ahead. You can discover various super creative concepts. Today you have the opportunity, through our articles to the contemporary concept of Marcelo Sodre and their Interior design ideas to look at.

This House is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It features a contemporary style and distinguishes itself through its spacious and warm interior design. It is located in an area characterized by corners. The House is on the verge of a stiff slope. It is bordered by a blind wall and look out on a green environment. First, it had achieved a more horizontal and uniform structure. At the end, the residence but consisted of various fragmentary blocks, which followed the shape of the bottom of the straight plateau. Each level was dedicated to according to the service, social life and leisure. The extension of the living room were great used. It has managed to accommodate there wide and functional spaces to offer more interaction to the residents.

We want to look at all the details up close?

The conditions of the village even rewrite the location of the Hauses.Dabei you chose very simple design, played a fundamental role in which wooden slats and concrete blocks.

This type of construction makes it possible that you can see the whole House at a glance

In detail, you can feel the serious perception of nature.

The main entrance has been created from wooden slats

Marcelo Sodre residence Sao Paolo

Everyone feels invited to take a look “behind the scenes”.

The Hall is located next to the main gate

Here you can see amazing plants ornaments, which flank the main entrance. The area is established as a spacious haven.

This interior is quite fit for social activities

This is resulted among other things the rich in terms of the number and the design seating and dining tables.

It also has a series of sumptuous dining areas

The rectangular wooden table here represents an important part of this.

Certainly you will want to immerse in this rectangular pool

They are kept by these eco-friendly Outlook.

The upper floor is characterized by excellence and confidentiality

His magnificent character is even more thanks to the strong lighting.

The kitchen will be outlined by Brown and white lines

They radiate simplicity and restraint. Through the glass window, you can enjoy great prospects out there.

You wanted to use the space as efficiently as possible

It has therefore set to built-in cabinets and thus it has secured itself more room to move.

Hardly one can imagine a better, more inviting room for relaxation

State residence in Saolo Paolo Sclafzimmer

Great it was decorated by painting, curtains and linen.

The bathroom is located right behind the bed and distinguishes itself by its elegant glass door

State residence Marcelo Sodre

Through the wooden floor, to avoid the risk of slipping.

The master bedroom is well equipped as an elegant deluxe hotel

Marcelo Sodre residence luxury bedroom

The combination of wood and vibrant colors scattered throughout rest and relaxation.

The living room and the courtyard are separated by glass

When the wooden slats have been sealed, the privacy of this area will ensure this.

The more area in the courtyard is decorated with plants and grass

Thereby, but retains the distinctive character of cool.

The lights you made a choice of the highest class

These emphasize the unique character of the design in the indoor as well as outdoor. The Marcelo Sodre residence shows a modern design within luxury and skillfulness. You feel the feeling for this in every single detail there. Would that be an appropriate source of inspiration also for your home design?